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"I'm just a patsy!" in politics
1 up, 6d
He was a patsy but no the Cubans had nothing to do with it. They had no motivation. The CIA, the mob, and the Military Industrial Complex did have the motivation.
"I'm just a patsy!" in politics
2 ups, 6d
No because when it comes to the assassination, History Channel always promotes the fairy tale that Oswald did it. They refuse to acknowledge evidence of conspiracy. I've been studying the assassination for 7 years.
"I'm just a patsy!" in politics
0 ups, 6d
No the cop looked nothing like JFK. That body switch theory is utter BS.
Only a fraction of people will find this funny or get the joke in fun
0 ups, 7m
I usually hate puns but this is f**king great 🤣
Obi-Wan's Secret Weapon in fun
1 up, 10m
Lol you too thanks