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Get Out! #Nationalism #AmericaFirst
Lol. I ain't. Majority of the this country speaks different languages and is against your orange faced god.
Get Out! #Nationalism #AmericaFirst
F**k you! Its not mandatory to speak English! And this country never belonged to White people. Ignorant sheep!
Spongebob: The Star Wars Troll
@CorgisDie yes you're allowed to have an opinion, but when you start repeating BS information that the haters repeat all the time, like that Kathy Kennedy is infusing some feminist agenda into Star Wars, or that those who like the new movies are shills or SJW's, then you are part of the problem and are nothing but a whiner who needs to grow up and accept the fact that this franchise will not pander to elitist babies.
Spongebob: The Star Wars Troll
@CorgisDie there is no SJW agenda, Lucasfilm and not treated "fans" like crap, they justly called them out for acting like children, and Luke, Han, and Leia aren't the main characters anymore. Yes it was sad to see them all go, but like it or not, they can't stick around forever and its not their story anymore. Its all about the new characters. And males do not make up a majority of the fan base. And Episode 9 will succeed without ya.
Spongebob: The Star Wars Troll
Lol no it ain't. If it where, people would not still be buying merchandise or seeing the movies. But they are. So you're wrong.