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Gun Truth #283 in politics
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That paper was a joke, most studies find RTC laws associated with reduced crime, and other economists correct that badly done paper:
Priorities of the damned in politics
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Agreed. Denial is what's getting kids killed as much as anything at this point.
Gun Facts #10932 in politics
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If you applied reading comp, you'd understand what it's saying: hunting rifles are used to "hunt" people all the time, and pushing differences between supposed hunting rifles and assault rifles and such is due those who support gun control having such a poor knowledge of guns, history, or stats.
Gun Facts #10932 in politics
1 up, 2y
Precisely...M-24 which is just a Remington 700 hunting rifle for which he holds the record using tghat rifle: 266 kills, 166 were officially confirmed.
Gun Facts #10932 in politics
1 up, 2y
Your reading comp is poor and gun knowledge even worse dude: One, that's a M-24 308 rifle, a bolt action, and nothing but a Remington 700, the most popular hunting rifle in the US, probably the world. Two, applying reading comp and critical thinking; the meme exposes those who claim "hunting rifles" are not used for hunting people, and if you know who that is, he "hunted" more humans than single person in the US mil. Make sense now? Point is: Be is an "assault rifle" (put in quotes because the term itself also useless, but that's another topic...) or hunting rifle, humans always find a way to kill each other and it's the tool user, not the tool used, that matters.