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D&D is pretty quiet over there... in fun
1 up, 4mo
I think it's a long-time stigma that people just won't look into far enough to realise is irrelevant and untrue. I have nothing against furries and actually love the community. I find for all the hate they get, they are still one of the most wholesome communities out there. As for this meme, the idea was given to me by one of my dnd party members and I laughed hard enough that I had to create it.
TF2 Merasmus in fun
0 ups, 11mo
Merasmus is a whimp in the TF2 comics. He even asks the Mercs for help at one point.
CandyCorn in fun
1 up, 12mo
It is good, in moderation.
Just my own theory, don't hate me pls! in fun
0 ups, 1y
Haha, wow I honestly didn't expect my comments to blow up like this. I actually expected people to comment nasty things about me or something, but not start a debate.
Covid Makes Things Hard. in fun
0 ups, 2y
Lockdown made it hard to book a test, but I got one. Wish me luck!