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WhiningBlower330 (311437)
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yeah, I'm a car guy. I like jeep, ford, and mustang. so yeah, that's what i recommend.
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you can't argue it, it's true. in badass_cars
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yeah, but bugatti looks like ass.
you can't argue it, it's true. in badass_cars
1 up, 1w
i guess you're right. plus the 10yo "car guys" always say something stupid like "sUpRaS cOmE wItH 1000 hOrSePoWeR sToCk!!!!!111!!!!"
Untitled Image in badass_cars
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stock or restomod?
Back in the day... in badass_cars
1 up, 2w
bitch get off that plymouth
In my opinion, none betta in badass_cars
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neat. but i would go for the mustang gt500KR.