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WeirdRalph (204567)
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Just an old geezer who remembers when memes were actually funny. (heavy sigh)
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When you ask your 12-year-old son to hang a Christmas wreath... in fun
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This is literally the way he left it. We're thinking he probably figured that if he did a lousy enough job, we wouldn't ask him to do it again.
It's utterly disgraceful that we continue to honor these so-called "heroes of the Confederacy!" in fun
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You do realize it's a joke/pun, right? Yoda was a Jedi General in the Confederacy of Independent Systems/Separatist Alliance (many members of which later became part of the Rebel Alliance).
Ned Stark Sings Karaoke in fun
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Thanks! The first time I saw that meme, I thought "What's he doing with that microphone?" And then the "My Way" lyrics just sort of popped into my head recently.