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True Story in fun
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This happened to me on Wednesday, I was walking home because I couldn't afford a bus even with the discount. Lots of these folks been showing up around the community college and bordering university in recent years and a disturbing amount of them aren't actually homeless and look better off than the students they ask for money. This lady came up to me and I'm the one with a broken nose, missing teeth, scabs on my face, stained and worn 13 year old clothes and greasy, tattered hair and out of all the other people around she started asking me for cash... B**ch, I should be asking you I need 15p for tinned spaghetti so I can eat today.
This is why I want to study abroad... in politics
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Well, they better check their privilege lol.
I yawned a bunch of times while making this.. in fun
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0. Because I have Asperger's and so I am of a different species incapable of empathising with the human condition...