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The anti white American hypocrisy
u serious? Watch any footage from their riots "pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon" is their go to chant. As in body bag, fool! Wake up, search it and find out yourself.
The anti white American hypocrisy
U kidding? Check out any blm march/ riot. They scream for the murder of white cops and white people in general from the tops of the trees.
The anti white American hypocrisy
You mean like Nice, France or London Bridge. Over 100 dead there at the hands of muSLime invaders.
Lefties and hand ass wipers
funny how unproven allegations from 40 years ago are now relevant. R u too dumb to see the political motivation of the Moore smear? He has been in politics for years and nothing until now? Meanwhile the muSlime **pe, honor kill, acid attack daily. you intellectual dishonesty and lefty conflation techniques are weak. Have a tall glass of #STFU, u naive fool