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how were they so tuff in fun
3 ups, 3w
Should have seen us in the early 1950s, walking down the street on the way to the slough to do some shooting with a .22 pump rifle.
No observers panicking and calling the cops.
Knock Knock in politics
0 ups, 4w
Who's there?
That's the guy who replaced the worst 'Alleged president' in American history.
The guy who would've gotten elected even if he'd used that pic on his posters, because Trump is such a useless waste of oxygen, so incompetent and narcissistic that thousands of mental health professionals warned us not to elect him.
That's who.
Knock Knock in politics
0 ups, 4w
The Republican party is nicknamed the Grand Old Party (GOP)
GQP is a play on it: the Grand QAnon Party.
GQP - No Ideas in politics
0 ups, 5mo
Back atcha, and nice selfie.
They're The Same Picture in fun
0 ups, 6mo
I've lived in both.
I'll take California.