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Trump's Reinstatement Ceremony in politics
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That's OK pal. If you aren't going to be vaxxed, please, let us know where you want the flowers sent, for yourself or any family member. As far as Biden 'gathering people', why should he? He doesn't have a massive ego that needs constant feeding. He isn't a malignant narcissist. He is truly there for all Americans, not just RepublicRat party members and the rich, as are all GOP presidents. But as long as the billionaires are happy, you're happy, right? Because they 'deserve' it all, and any unfortunate Americans don't. that's one screwed up belief system you have, I'm sorry to say..
Trump's Reinstatement Ceremony in politics
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If you have a life, you don't have to go to rallies to satisfy a megalomaniacs thirst for adulation.
Trump's Reinstatement Ceremony in politics
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There's evidence. It's just all against Trump.
The One Time Trump Didn't Lie in politics
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If only you could maybe, show some proof of that?