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Doom metal in Metal_Memes
0 ups, 3mo
I mean yeah
Your Local Conservatives Face. in politics
0 ups, 4mo
I don't wanna be roped into this argument but you guys need to realize that both of you are correct, att he same time.

Quite a few conservatives can be bigoted, but so can some liberals, and you can't sum up an entire political spectrum as anti-everything. There are bad things people believe in on both sides of the table. Am I a leftist, sure. But i'm not gonna pretend I agree with all leftist ideals, and vice versa. Like I disagree with the concept of Anarcho-nihlism, which happens to be an extreme leftist ideology. I also happen to disagree with extreme far right ideologies. Everything is a spectrum, and everyone is in it for a different reason.

In short, both of you are correct.
A Triple Lindy Life in History_Memes
1 up, 4mo
dont ask him the whereabouts of his child either
metal mascots in AwesomeMusic
0 ups, 4mo
good choice