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Bill Nye in fun
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Intro plays
Bill Nye the science guy
Bill Nye is going to a party
Bill Nye is looking fly
But he almost forgets one thing.
Bill Nye will wear a tie
Bill Nye accidentally embarrassed himself
Bill Nye forgot to check his fly
He is sad and decided to hit that good stuff
Bill Nye is getting high
While he’s high he begins questioning his sexuality.
Bill Nye came out as Bi
He’s hungry and wants to eat some pie
Bill Nye just ate a pie
While he’s high his friend sent him a message.
Bill Nye left no reply
He thinks he can fly
Bill Nye is gonna fly
But it doesn’t end well
Bill Nye just broke his thigh
At the hospital I’m he embraces death.
Bill Nye will say goodbye
He dies
Bill Nye committed die
People cry at his funeral
Bill Nye makes people cry
A priest wants to make them all feel better
Bill Nye is in the sky
I need your help in fun
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Not yet
I need your help in fun
0 ups, 3y
Same as my username (I make fortnite content so if you don’t like the game, pls don’t hate)
I need your help in fun
0 ups, 3y
Update: it’s been half a week and she hasn’t responded. I’ll stay hopeful though! in fun
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Just sent the message. Awaiting response