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If you're a minor and you're arguing with an adult, just stop, we don't care about your skewed view of reality kid in fun
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IF YOU HATE GETTING IN ARGUMENTS WITH "MINORS" WHY THE HELL DO YOU COMPLAIN ON A SITE FILLED WITH "MINORS" | image tagged in memes,picard wtf | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Clearly you have no maturity within you, your use of the word "kid" in every sentence is ironically childish, and your use of emojis and "lol" really doesn't solve your case.

And no, memes were non existent in the 90s, YouTube didn't come around until 2005 ffs.

And god forbid your name "tetsuoswrath" doesn't sound really "mature" and "experienced" as you claim to be.

How old even are you? You claim to be this godlike adult figure putting "minors" down when, until we know your age, we really couldn't give a shit. Your meme was clearly hard to take seriously, because all everyones doing in the comments is f**king around completely off topic. Meaning that your meme/complaint, has no impact.