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Join today! Membership is free! Obnoxious SJWs are manning the phones! in politics
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Far Left libtards are socialists are commies...are all just keeping it in the family!
The Libtard Credo! in politics
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Good just made mine!
The Libtard Credo! in politics
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Unfortunately, once one has dismissed feelings as evidence, beliefs as facts, disinformation as actual information, and dysfunctional groupthink as rational thought....there then remains no facts left to check, nor evidence left to consider. If then that proves insulting to libtards, perhaps they should consider exchanging their feelings for actual evidence, and their baseless beliefs for proven facts. This would obviously require them to diverge from the usual modus operandi of regurgitating the pre-approved socialist disinformation and commie propaganda, long enough to acquire real facts and evidence to support their beloved "views" and assumptions, assuming any such facts and evidence really exist. Given that leftists have always seen independent thought as dangerous, and a sure sign of evil dissidents, I think I'll not be holding my breath waiting for any communiques from the gulag.
SJWs and NPCs need hugs too! in politics
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Or maybe because the idiots were indoctrinated by the libtard/socialist/commie run public school system for 15+ years, where disinformation and propaganda came before actual learning...and where the dumbing down of America was the secondary goal? Naaaah....couldn't be!