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To be, or not to Vanilla bean... That is the question. Be, go look at my memes random person reading this.
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Idk I just like this in The_Think_Tank
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My among us character is lime 2 mini crewmates
I think I spelled it wrong oh well in The_Think_Tank
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Omg that would be so awful oh nuuu, turmeric is my favorite spice. I’m partially allergic to coriander but it is very mild.
The election was stolen. WAKE UP! in politics
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No it’s not, you just want someone who is a much of an idiot as you are in office.

Biden isn’t the greatest, but he’s light years ahead of trump.

Donald Trump is DON T
What’s your opinion on face masks? in The_Think_Tank
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WTF YOU IDIOT?!?!?!?! Yes there is. Just think about f**king LOGIC for a second, think about it like... bad air freshener , if I held a hand half an inch over my face, I would probably still get so air fresher on my mouth, however, if you held you hand over the nozzle of the air freshener, there would be little to no air fresher on me.

And you can still catch it through your f**king eyes so it’s not even a question of whether it protects you or others.
The election was stolen. WAKE UP! in politics
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Wait are you saying that trump should have won the election?