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Great Gazoo Mark 8 Golf in fun
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Volkswagen has decided not to sell the base version of its eighth-generation Golf in the U.S. and Canada and is only selling the more expensive high-performance versions, the Golf GTI and Golf R, in both countries, a decision that I think is stupid. (I have a base sixth-generation Golf.) The Great Gazoo happens also to be my favorite "Flintstones" character. :-)
Imgflip edits Change My Mind in fun
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Waiting Skeleton Mark 8 Golf in fun
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More likely no than yes. :-(
Joe Biden Mark 8 VW Golf in politics
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I love their versatility and performance. I've had two Golfs in the past twenty years!
Change My Mind Mark 8 Golf in fun
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Are you pro-Golf, anti-Golf, or just indifferent?