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Underrated_memer is made out of U̷̥̱͓̬̝̬̒̓̊̆́́̔̔̈̓̎͐̀̕͝͠И𝓓𝓔ℜᴿ𝔸🅃ᴇⒹ_🅼𝐄Ḿ̸̛̙̜͚̺͒̑̅̿̍͌́̽̀̐̊͂̚͘͜e̵͕̹͗͌̇̈́́̀̿̊̀̌̍̃̚̕͘͝
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Is this relatable? in fun
0 ups, 2w
Dear Krazyretro,
I have never seen this gif anywhere else on this platform, YOU are just making this claim up! I have seen your most recent comments and they are all hates on memes that are actually good or you just posted something totally unrelated (you said spot the dog was a upvote begging meme but it is not)
I recently had the same talk with another toxic hater Ebux1 and he has not been on his account spamming hates since. YOU don't understand what a solid good meme has, YOU don't understand how much they thought and worked on their memes, YOU just spam a random comment totally unrelated chock full of lies and dimpsh%t to ruin someone's f&cking work! YOU then mope "duh, tis a bad meme so, downvoted" well you had this one coming sir toxic-a-lot! You piece of disgrace, seasoned with lies, stuffed with utterly indescribable dumbness beyond description, spewing utterly incomprehensible sh&t at good memes and you my friend, are a nimrod. I could just block you, but I already did, but YOU cannot take back the damage you have done to the memers' memes. You piece of lying [email protected], you have made me show the worst side of myself and there is no revoking that! You had to make this a long and painful lesson but I'm not judging, but you are bugging! Hence I am writing this exceptionally long message to tell you that, don't judge the meme imminently without context if don't think then you will babble nonsense, take time to look at the meme, think what it is about, try to piece it together, think about the effort put into it, imagine that imgflip is like a art gallery except with memes. What if someone posted a toxic hate comment saying "repost so downvoted" or "guys! don't upvote because it is bad!" to YOUR meme. Next time, don't immediately post a hate, take time to analyze the work, then use the buttons, be a nice memer, don't ruin someone's f#cking day.
That's legit sus in Among_Us
1 up, 2w
I'm thinking that was green
The Crewmate Dance in Among_Us
1 up, 3w
Dear EBux1,
Go pound sand