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And Just Like That in politics
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We went from 24/7 Corona crap to endless coverage of looting and violence. The media tells the sheep what to be concerned with, who you should be angry with and whatever their narrative of the day is that particular day.
Are Walmart Lines Safer Than Macy's Lines? Back to Work For All Americans!! in politics
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Agreed. This went from panic over a potentially large scale disease that was predicted to kill 2-3 million in America to a very politicized, partisan event where Trump is evil no matter what he does. He bans China travel, he's racist. He shows optimism for a new Covid drug, he's doing it to get rich.
He proposes a Corona relief bill, it's not enough. He speaks about beginning to allow people to go back to work and he is reckless and wants people to die. Always too much, too little, too callous, too greedy. Liberals are a special kind of intolerant hypocrites. TDS on full display. I look forward to 4 more years of liberal tears.
Are Walmart Lines Safer Than Macy's Lines? Back to Work For All Americans!! in politics
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Are people ONLY allowed to buy items deemed "essential"? Can someone walk in and buy a shirt and a gas can and not even look at the food or medicine? Why are we putting millions out of work and bankrupting thousands of small businesses over a virus we now know from science, has no risk of serious illness to 99% of the population? Why not shield the 1% who are at high risk and allow the other 99% to work, pay their bills and feed their families? The fear mongering should be over now as we know without a doubt those at high risk and those at almost no risk of getting anything worse than a flu like illness. What started out as a good idea in shielding most citizens when we didn't know exactly what we were dealing with has spiraled into an ugly political debate somehow. Common sense and science dictates that when this is all said and done, the threat is very minimal and doesn't match the level of hysteria and panic still going on.