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Just comply and you won't die in politics
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Exactly how long is "thirdly" seconds?
George Floyd: Drug & Crime Free For One Full Year Today in politics
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Between Go Fund Me and the lawsuit, they made $47,000,000 (and I think both are tax free).
Antifa Spoiled White Kids Who Were Never Spanked as Children in fun
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You are a perfect example of why kids SHOULD be spanked.
Just comply and you won't die in politics
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Funny, the comment me above was deleted after I posted this reply about the clown who tried to compare this meme to a picture of Hitler with the caption "Comply"! What an asshat.
Just comply and you won't die in politics
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Odd, I never thought of the Jewish folks in Germany during WWII as criminals, therefore, their attempted extinction by a madman and his henchman is a poor attempt at bridging Hitler's actions to that of American police upholding laws that any civilized society in the world today would consider normal. The Jews were trying to live lawful lives and raise families largely and live good lives. 99% of those wonderful people the left holds up as heroes are shot or harmed are resisting lawful orders regarding law breaking. I could bore you with the circumstances, but I am guessing you are aware of every recent interaction with folks of color (nobody pays any attention when a white guy gets shot, which happens just as often as folks of color) who resisted arrest and many times brandished weapons or fought the police ending in harm to themselves. Nice try.