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Evil Toddler in politics
1 up, 3mo
Don't ask's a term that AOC and the rest of the Democrats use. Maybe they can answer...or maybe not. They can't even define what a woman is.
Danger Close in politics
0 ups, 11mo
There are numerous morons in this country that believe that the closest enemy the US has to its shores is Cuba. It is not. Our closest neighbor who actually perceives us as the enemy is Russia. Many geographically challenged idiots are not aware of that fact and my ingenious and superbly entertaining meme educates them with that vital information.
Danger Close in politics
0 ups, 11mo
Russia's closer
Energy Policy in politics
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Yes they are.
SCHOOL WORK in politics
0 ups, 1y
Although my handle, Twinbrains, makes it appear that I could be a mathematical genius, I can assure you that I am not. However, somewhere during my years of education, I learned how to calculate that 2+2=4. During that education, my learned teachers did not teach me all the specific and infinite number of answers that 2+2 does not equal to, such as; 2+2=5, 2+2=73, 2+2=cow. Instead of teaching me what not to think, my teachers taught me how to think and how to calculate the correct arithmetic answer, which I believe is 4.