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i'm back!
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Anyone else experience this? in terraria
0 ups, 2m
i just need the influz waver, i should've grinded before 1.4 came to console.... (i'm a PS4 player)
Honey i'm home... in Comics
0 ups, 2m
yeah but why are you addressing something from f**kin 8 months ago lol
Honey i'm home... in Comics
0 ups, 2m
that was 8 months ago lmfao
SrGrafo #152 in gaming
0 ups, 6m
i have 204 hours SAVED on terraria,i enjoyed every.single.second,you just need to get gud,not an insult,i used to SUUUUUUUUUCK,and then i gave up,but played it again,kept playing,and now its my faverite game of all time(and 10th terraria anniversary yayyyy)also have you seen the nympgh?or wall of flesh?or brain of Cthulhu?or the dryad?or the death for every mob ever?not a kids game.