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Just a content creator who likes memes. Sub to my YT for more meme stuff!
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Adam and Eve... in The_Christian_memes
0 ups, 4w
I'm not one to say you're not Christian because that's not my place to judge. What I have found in my theological studies is that many Christians used to believe that important Biblical figures such as Enoch and Abraham did not actually exist and that their stories were just parables. But recently many extrabiblical and even some extrareligious sources show that they were real people. I think that suggests Adam and Eve were real too.
I couldn't resist in The_Christian_memes
0 ups, 4w
Yeah that's what you should expect in a stream called "The_Christian_Memes." If God isn't real and there is no afterlife, then you have much better things to do with your limited existence than to troll on a meme website.
When will this be added? in fun
0 ups, 3mo
Thank you good sir
anyone? in fun
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This computer ketchup is way better than regular ketchup