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"Roe Vs. Wade" Was "One Case", Not An Actual "Law". in politics
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You Said This Became A Ghetto? It's Because They Lost The Jobs,
And They Gave Jobs To The Irresponsible "Baby-Havers". Obviously, Things Wil | image tagged in black mom and teen son | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
No "Free-Shit" Definitely.

I Do Like "How Things Were".

Birth-Control Is O-kay. Give-It To Them.
"Roe Vs. Wade" Was "One Case", Not An Actual "Law". in politics
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No Arguing Here.
I'm Actually For Fiscal-Responsibility
"No Free-Shit For Those Whinies".

I Actually Come From An Area Where We Realized That Many F**k-Ups Were Having Kids, And That Ruined Our Neighborhoods.
Our Simple Life Of Working Was Ended, So That They Got Our-Billets.
The Government Then Moved-In And Gave Them Social-Programs, While We Got Nothing.
We Went From "Proudly Making ----" To
"No-Jobs, Jobs-Given To Others, "Moral-Decay" And The Government Was More Than Happy To Reward Others.
And With Some Times, Later Generations Didn't Grow-Up Wanting To Work,
Girls Started To Me Things Worse By Popping-Out Kids, And Expecting The Government To Be Their Care-Taker,
Later, Other Thought That's The Way Life Was,
And Others Saw That "As A Better Way Of Living".
Things Were Better-Off Before That.

But Being
1) Fiscally-Burdened,
2) Having Lost A Really Good Culture Of
"My Know-How Upbringing",
It's Cheaper To Keep Them From Having Any Kids.
Seriously, I Knew About 50-Classmates That Would Have Done Good In Life, But We Got Assed-Out For 2-5 Morons

I Seriously Don't Like Government Doing "Free-Shit".
I Don't Like This Deficit,
But I've Seen Good-Communities Ended By Government Trying Ago Do Things For "Too-Many-Idiots Having Kids".
Fiscally, It's Cheaper To "Birth-Control Them".
It took me forever to make this. I was bored. in fun
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Anyone else hate this? in fun
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11-36 PM.

First World Problems in fun
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