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I really don't care - you are a whataboutist, who defends racism and then goes "But Northham" - a simpleton
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That's a lot of word salad. Let me break it down for you. You defended Right Wing Republicans. Whether you call yourself "Independent EdgeLord" is irrelevant. Right Wing Republicans are filled with racists, who do racist things and say racist things and get money from racists. You chose to you a tactic called "Whataboutism" - as in "What about Governor Northam" to mischaracterize the Liberal voters as the 'real racists' You are welcome.
I Was Told There Would Be
hahah, that's not how representation works. It doesn't mean that unless your candidate wins, you get to pay no taxes. However, you can always LEAVE new york anytime, and move away, problem solved.
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I love the whataboutism to distract from the racists in your party. "Wait, you found the thousands of racists in our party, including DAVID DUKE AND RON PAUL? what about Governor Northam"