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Kyle Rittenhouse in politics
2 ups, 4mo
600 of you are in jail. It wasn'tthe "left" attacking the capitol to install trump. engage with reality.
Kyle in politics
2 ups, 1y
it just proves what toxic racists you guys are when you can hide behind computers.
Kyle Rittenhouse in politics
4 ups, 1y
you guys are the people fighting against big bird because he told you vaccines work.

Kyle Rittenhouse in politics
3 ups, 1y
Yeah, that's one thing you would need to learn about gender fluidity and people born with both genitals, but more importantly you need to understand vaccines are not a trick of liberals.
Kyle Rittenhouse in politics
3 ups, 1y
The rights of individuals? Lol, only those individuals who shoot people in the back because mommy drove them to an anti-fa rally.

He was killing people and fleeing the scene. They had a right to stop him.