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Free Suff in fun
3 ups, 8y
All Sanders and Clinton supporters please report to the giant field encircled in razor-wire fence, guard towers and MG's. We have free stuff for you
I'm too afraid to ask in fun
1 up, 8y
All you need to remember is all parties are created equally-stupid.
They all spend more time blaming and threatening eachother than they spend actually doing something effective. And the dumbed down American people eat that shit right up. Yep, America sure is great. Take it from one.
Bernie Sanders in fun
1 up, 8y
Hell yeah! Feel the bern!
I'm too afraid to ask in fun
0 ups, 8y
It's short for Grand Ole Party. It's another name for the Republican Party.
When You Don't Even Know How to Tell The Truth Anymore in fun
9 ups, 8y
Who cares about truth when emotional responses are all that matters.