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God is telling us, will we listen?
Climate change is no joke , Earth is rejecting us
Unfortunately for the folks in cal. Controlled burns could never do enough to stop wild fires from burning. There are too many people living in areas where is is not enough water to begin with. Just look at the hydrology of California's regions. It's disturbing how much water they steal from the rest of the western states.
Yeah, I only voted once.
Designed to kill? That is a matter of perception. And for an object which "wasn't intended to kill" motor vehicles sure do kill a lot of people every day. People use them to murder other people, but look, i get it. It sucks that psychos do terrible stuff like this, and i don't find it funny either, but i do find a complete lack of rational behind people who argue for gun grabbing amusing (in a sad way). If the gun owners of the USA were the actual problem we would all would know it.