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Trooper04 (5796)
Joined 2019-11-12
Goodbye everyone. This site is too toxic. I am on Youtube, my account is Trooper 06 and I upload regularly. Listen to NF
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My Final Meme. Trooper06 out. in fun
1 up, 3y
Goodbye, Imgflip community. It was good.
Troopers unite in The-Trooper-Brothers
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I am on discord. And YouTube. "Trooper06" is my name on YT but THIS message is the last I will ever send on imgflip. Contact me on YouTube if you want to talk, bye.
Bye. in The-Trooper-Brothers
2 ups, 3y
What was your username back then? I don't remember
Bye. in The-Trooper-Brothers
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Oof an impersonator, but expected.