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Creator of leftpolitics. Anarcho-communist. I have a burning hatred for reactionary conservatism. The right is moronic.
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Again, I've not heard anything about mishandling of those documents. We have evidence that Trump flushed documents down the toilet at the White House, which is literally illegal. He's being investigated for his involvement in a coordinated attack on the US Capitol in an attempt to overturn a legitimate election.

You're trying to make something out of nothing when you know your guy is a f**king crook.
Question of the Day in politics
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Massive cope here. That's his only fault? No corruption and no coordination of an attack on the Capitol? Seriously, wake up to reality. Can you do that?
Untitled Image in politics
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This meme is a farce, nobody refers to cowboys and Indians as this. Right-wing memes continuously produce strawmen.
Untitled Image in politics
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This says Obama's administration transferred documents TO the National Archives.
Jim Halpert Pointing to Whiteboard in politics
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This meme is insane cope