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Anarcho-communist. I have a burning hatred for reactionary conservatism. The right is moronic.
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acab: assigned cop at birth in politics
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I suppose that’s your mistake then. You don’t see the bigger picture — the role poverty plays in producing crime, and how capitalism and police enforce and protect private property and keep the deprived dispossessed and poor. More police does not result in less crime. Don’t you think strengthening communities, rather than policing and incarcerating more and more people would result in better social outcomes and safety for all?
acab: assigned cop at birth in politics
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You’re so close! You’re correct that the cops are to blame for BLM and Antifa, and they are fighting to take back the streets from police that harass, kill and brutalize marginalized communities. Law and order means submission of oppression and maintenance of inequality.
acab: assigned cop at birth in politics
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Only uneducated people believe the police serve and protect them.
Smiling Jesus in fun
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Convenient how no-one has ever seen God though, isn't it?