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Anarcho-communist. Spreading atheism. I have a burning hatred for reactionary conservatism. The right is moronic.
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Avenge Tort. Stop Cop City in politics
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I know you don't care when minorities die. Luckily enough, nobody will miss or remember you when you're dead either!
We now live in a Banana Republic complete with political prisoners. J6 was NOT an insurrection and Tarrio was not even there. in politics
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You sound like one of those "socialism is when the government does stuff" type of people. Hitler lambasted and denounced Marxism as Jewry, and he was not inspired by it, fascism is truly an inverse of communism and Marxism, it doesn't seek neither abolition of class or proletarian dictatorship, it just seeks dictatorship and class collaboration.

"Marx based his nonsense" tells me you've not read Marx a day in your life.

It is well-established that the Proud Boys are a neo-fascist group, that their members have ties to white nationalist groups and that they are Pinochet enthusiasts. The group only allows men and is inherently misogynistic, as fascists are. Seriously, do the slightest bit of research before you make an insane meme like this.

That's a really beautiful pity story, unfortunately it's not true and it's misguided entirely. The right is not preserving freedom, they are reaction and they preserve regressive and old institutions and prejudices. Nothing the far-right Supreme Court is doing is freedom-oriented, they're actively in the process of removing more and more rights from the people. Your superstitious fetishization of the Constitution shows you don't understand true freedom. The Constitution justified colonialism and land seizure, the establishment of money, taxes and so forth. It is the foundation for the gradation of despotism our modern government espouses and exercises.

The foundation of the American government was rooted in democracy and liberalism, stupid illusions that citizens and checks and balances would regulate and limit the power and might of government effectively, and that we may even be permitted to alter or abolish the government if it stopped serving our ends. Tell me how we accomplish this while living in the largest surveillance and police state ever conceived anywhere.
We now live in a Banana Republic complete with political prisoners. J6 was NOT an insurrection and Tarrio was not even there. in politics
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You making the above meme tells me you’re not anti-fascist. Communism and fascism aren’t “twin brothers”, fascism in its conception is everything within the state and nothing outside of the state, whereas communism is more nuanced, and in all socialist schools is regarded as the abolition of the political state.
Is it bad for a group to want “power and control”? It’d probably be safe to say a majority of Antifa folks are anarchist, so that power and control would resemble community decision-making and action.
End wealth disparity: end capitalism. in politics
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We don’t have enough money in circulation to pay off the international debt. Your system is f**king stupid.
Liberal bourgeois democracy is not democracy at all. in politics
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Imagine thinking only the president decides policy. Wow