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Hello my name is Tribird and I hate tik tok. Do your part and get tik tok to rate it one star. Then tik tok will die.
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It’s really not a lie. Don’t put females down like that plenty are doing doing the same amount of hours as males and plenty are standing up for there rights. Males are getting payed better even if there doing the same amount of hours. It’s dumb and should be solved by now
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I agree I’m a female and I hate how people still treat males as a higher status. It’s 2020 shouldn’t equality for everyone be a thing by now. I used to live in Mexico when I was five and the school I went to was very sexist. I two best friends were both boys. The playground was split into two parts. One had a small road to ride tricycles and scooters on and the other half was the actual playground. We usually hung out were the tricycles were. One day the teacher separated the genders and said the boys had to be were the tricycles and scooters are which is were I hung out and the girls had to go to the playground. I was separated from my only friend for no reason. I tried to ask to go over were the boys were but she said no. Having very low self esteem which I still have I didn’t stand up for myself and went to were the girls are. I absolutely hate sexist and believe boys and girls should be treated the same. We may be different genders but we are all still humans and deserve to be payed the same and treated the same. I hope overtime it gets better and hopefully males and females will all be treated the same but i also hate how now there making girls get more points in this game is just wrong. The should get the same amount of points none should get the advantage.
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Sleeping better as in never waking up
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That sorta looks like erasure head.
believe it or not tik tokers aren't that bad (unless) in fun
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This is memes though and it’s not like Facebook or tik tok. Your not just posting random things. Imgflip is especially for memes. And memes are great. This is the one social media a tolerate