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I am not homophobic “phobic” is another word for fear, hatred and fear are not the same thing.
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Bro was a menace in fnaf
0 ups, 6mo
He even has a higher kill count than the other animatronics
Spoilers for the movie kinda in fnaf
0 ups, 6mo
It would have been cool to actually see what happens when the mask reaches someones face instead it cuts away int he prologue right before it happens
Genuine question in Imgflip-bossfights
0 ups, 6mo
Seriously how tf am i supposed to get involved in this stream when i dont even have an OC (seriously i deleted any evidence of my old OC even existing) and i dont feel like making a new one because i have no original ideas and it’s just gonna get over powered by literally every other OC
Genuine question in Imgflip-bossfights
0 ups, 6mo
Bro pretended to be a girl for clout or smth