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Virgin DCEU vs Chad MCU in fun
1 up, 10mo
I mean DC still has its pros, but yea Marvel’s the way to go
Okie-dokie, Artichokie... in fun
0 ups, 10mo
If you think this then you’ve obviously never played mario (I don’t mean for this to sound malicious)
1000000 Transparent images in fun
0 ups, 10mo
Excuse me! I only do that about half of the time!
No love for me in fun
0 ups, 11mo
Hey don’t beat yourself up for not finding love I’m sure you have most of your life left to find someone! There’s a person for everyone! Except my scitz demon he’s a jerk…
facts in fun
0 ups, 11mo
All but one of those are true, I still feel that nagging feeling no matter what I do