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Booker Idiot in politics
4 ups, 3mo
Isn't that cute! Somebody brings Trump up in a conversation that didn't even have Trump in it. Sorry to ruin your day I'm not a Trump fan
Just stop in politics
2 ups, 3mo
Now that's interesting
Have A Good Monday in fun
0 ups, 3mo
Butt Fumble!
Fire alarm or door opener in politics
2 ups, 3mo
I agree but he's a Democrat which makes him immune from prosecution. If a Republican had done this Democrats would have been calling for him to be arrested. But some how some way in their mind it's all Trump's fault
I can't find my speech in politics
2 ups, 3mo
Well thanks for taking the time to look that up. I guess you just didn't quite pick up the sarcasm in my meme. But I hope you have a wonderful weekend