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I Guarantee It
I keep pointing this out, and you keep failing to comprehend what I'm saying. You keep making distinctions between human developmental stages, and I keep saying that one stage is as good as another, and if it's okay to abort before the first trimester, then it should be just as okay to abort before the second birthday. The difference between those two points are equally random and equally valid. Unborn, 6 months, five years, twelve years, it's all the same thing. It's an irrelevant distinction, because it's subjective and arbitrary. More human, less human. More developed, less developed, older, younger, none of that matters because "A" will always lead to "B", which will always lead to "C", and so on, and so on. You can put the age of demarcation prior to which it is fine to euthanize but not after, wherever you wish and it will be equally valid. It's a made up number, randomly selected, a dart thrown at a timeline by a person wearing a blindfold. We're both spinning our wheels and getting no place. I hope someone reads this conversation we're having here and gets some enlightenment out of it, because you and I are going nowhere with this conversation. I love ya brother, but the amount of time I have allotted for banging my head against a wall has been used up.
I Guarantee It
I didn't say "people" can't decide, I said "pro-abortion activists" can't decide. Pro Life activists pretty much all agree with one another. There's a difference between a five year-old and a twenty year old too, not sure how that is relevant.