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So laggy in fun
1 up, 11mo
This is funny to me, I live in Maine, and the Maine public school system has a great relationship with Apple, so long story short I'm typing this on the MacBook Air my school provided me and everyone else with lol.
isn't this true? in fun
0 ups, 12mo
RELATABLE, i just started 7th, and OH MY LORD they are short (I'm like 5.7)
You all think that you’re too old for it…IT’S FREE CANDY I’M IN HIGH SCHOOL AND I STILL DO IT in fun
1 up, 12mo
I don't understand how some people think that they are too old for this, a lot of kids at my school aren't gonna be doing it.
Gru gun science edition(I hope Drew Durnil uses this meme) I love you Drew-Tyson in fun
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Solid, Liquid, Gas, and Plasma (there is four states of matter)
Empty Stonks in fun
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Not sure. but doesn't this violate the whole agreement you make with Imgfip to post a meme? it does involve politics.