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Untitled Image in fun
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Typo...It should say "Mass Erect", NO?
Untitled Image in fun
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The "Ass Shelf" in action.
Gata atack! in fun
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Just looked this up on Youtube. The mother is a stupid bitch that should get her kids and cat taken from her! In the video the kid "and" cat started playing too rough and was biting hard with his ears back and eyes wide. The mom should have stopped it there. If you have owned cats you can tell that he was already pissed. The kid, who is a little shit for hitting the cat, did so out of anger (plus that is all he has ever seen) because it was biting the hell out of him. But all the mom did was sit there and film it and laugh. The kid shouldn't have hit the cat, but neither the kid or the cat have a chance with that shit stain of a mother.
Untitled Image in fun
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I hate when people put kids on a leash!
Untitled Image in fun
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Does this explain why some bananas come with bruises?