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Variations of an Old Joke... NOT a "Repost" A. was Found Picture, simply shared B. is applying the joke to a Pop culture Icon, and adding the Censor dodging Typo
if you look at the Pricing of new TVs, it's not that shocking... right now I have a 2 year old 55" 'Smart TV' and a 4 year old 40"... Both 'off' branded... Both 'Black Friday Specials'... the 55 was cheaper, obviously larger, and had more features all within 2 years... Before these two I Had a 26 and a 32... (had I not sold them to relatives, they'd either be hidden in a closet collecting dust or on a pile like these)
Selective Enforcement
"Think of the Children!"
Roll Safe Think About It
'called for'... To happen at a time he knew he would not be in position to DO anything... a trend he used his entire Presidency... Obamacare, DACA, even Net Neutrality were all Timed to happen 'later'... DACA and NN were both timed post 2016 when he knew he'd be gone, and Obamacare was passed (without being read) pre-2012, with a 2014 Roll out, Had Romney not been sandbagged in the homestretch with the out of context quote about the "47%" Obama would have been gone for that too
Alpha daddy love trumps hate.
For the Left being so LGBT Tolerant... they sure seem to like Implying a (Homo)sexual relationship between Trump & Putin, and using such implications as an Insult... Funny how that works...