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Cry 'Havoc' and let slip the dogs of war.
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The left doesn't really care. in politics
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NIMBY at it's finest...
Triggered hypocrite feminist in politics
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I never attended a Covid Protest... apparently "I'm essential"...lol

But I supported them Not to Get a haircut nor to get Applebees...
Short hair, long hair, Bald when i hit 50, I'll get by w/ some funky bed head... and Frak Applebee's they're slightly above average 'pub grub' at well above average Prices...

I want them Open because I know people who worked there, who WANT To get back to work the longer the doors are locked, the longer the doors are locked (not a typo) and the less likely they will EVER open...
Untitled Image in politics
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By the same two 'rednecks'... with the same signs in the windows?
Morbidly Obese in politics
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too soon and they have time to 'course correct' with a 'logical' choice...Convention or Later and they'll pick 'she who shall not be named' and Pour Gasoline on the Conspiracy Fires
Morbidly Obese in politics
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I was more thinking the 'chaos' if they name 'someone like Abrams' as the 'Presumptive' Nominee and Literally at the Convention she 'pulls an Elvis' in the rest room before they could even make it official... all while Joe stands on stage Nibbling his wife/sister's fingers and opines about that Nice lady from the Syrup Bottle