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Cry 'Havoc' and let slip the dogs of war.
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Philosoraptor in fun
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Darkness is my Old Friend... Not a Relative
White Woman Speaks Forked Tongue in politics
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if "Harvard Never Knew" then why did the the school newspaper refer to Warren as “the first woman with a minority background to be tenured.”

then there is the 1986 Texas State Bar Registration...
My white guilt is running on empty. in politics
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Lee was a 'state-ist'... as went Virginia, so went Lee... such was his 'patriotism' for the state of Virginia...

the Civil War was the 'Union OF STATES' vs the 'Confederacy of STATES' and it wasn't until after the war that people stopped identifying themselves first as citizens of their States
Roll Safe Think About It in politics
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they'll move the goal post in about 5 years... gotta keep it just far enough out of reach...
Maybe Nancy can count and that's why she is scared. We know her past record of voting on bills suggests she cant read. in politics
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Yet in your posts you've Repeatedly dismissed the call as "Tough Shit"... it seems you do care for one way