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Cry 'Havoc' and let slip the dogs of war.
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Context in politics
2 ups, 3mo
IIRC it's Harvard... the Urkel looking Lady made a comment about whether a call for Genocide is Hate Speech; and she responded with 'It Depends on Context."
Just admit it! in politics
4 ups, 9mo
God save the Queen, man
Just admit it! in politics
5 ups, 9mo
God Save the Queen man... They want a Shadow Dictator to rule the country via Avuncular Puppet.
Toxic masculinity cannot exist without its opposite. in politics
1 up, 12mo
then I imagine there is a Level of Toxicity regardless...
“Are you serious my brother” in fun
1 up, 12mo
Grandma made it to 97... she knows where some bodies are buried and probably still has the shovel