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Untitled Image in Dark_humour
3 ups, 4m
I think the husband should have quipped back: "We all think that honey.
This dog be loyal tho in fun
4 ups, 6m
That dog deserves a few dozen medals all hung on his collar, so heavy that all the other dogs go running when they hear the clinking sound.

Running right towards him to praise him for the badass he is.
I love the hamdog in fun
0 ups, 6m
I e-eh, I think my heart just stopped for a second just by looking at that beautiful, horrific monstrosity.

*Does google search frantically* I am so mean to my body...
Merged clocks in fun
2 ups, 6m
The glitches in the matrix are getting real lame lately, bad cgi quickfix.
Untitled Image in MEMES_OVERLOAD
5 ups, 6m
I think that model of lamp has a serious flaw: It ends up shredding your drapes, and your slippers, and vomits in your bed, and knocks over your other lamps, among other problems. Felonious Corp. thinks it's a problem with the attitude module.