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ThothAlKhem (27734)
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Hebrew FLUENT Bible Scholar. Studied the book AS A BELIEVER 3-6-12 HOURS A DAY for 8 yrs.before discovering OLDER texts.
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John de Lancie- "Friend" of 20 years in politics
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John de Lancie and I were friends since 2003 and I did work for him on his sailboat......we would hit the Sushi bars and listen to LIVE MUSIC a lot together......I even Sailed BACK To Ventura from Catalina JUST to help him CLEAN his boat....then COVID HIT...I told him at the start it was to get a Vaccine into you....He BLOCKED ME after I PROVED it to him......NEVER spoke to me again.....I was just his BOAT N66R...... and that was almost 4 years ago......SAD.....BTW....21 friends IGNORED me and bought the scam and took the shot and ARE DEAD. 21 PEOPLE.....GONE from this lifetime.......
Moses in fun
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As a Hebrew fluent Bible Scholar.....WRONG WRONG WRONG.....They HATE Gen-tiles. Their HOLY TALMUD declares their hatred. HERE IS THEIR DEVIL/GOD. In John 8:44 Jesus is ONLY speaking of YAHWEH.
The Curse from the Desert in politics
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Go to search here and type JEW.....THEY HAVE LOTS OF ANTI JEW MEMES THESE C**TS.
The Curse from the Desert in politics
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WHY IS imgflip SUCH PUSSIES> and pro F**KING JEW?
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F**K imgflip CENSORS.......