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You obviously have NEVER even read the Bible. YOUR God killed 2,476,633 humans NOT including the FLOOD or Sodom and Gomorrah. Satan killed 10 and ONLY at YOUR Gods prompting-boobk of Job.....IDIOT.
No reason to SNIVEL over ROE VS.WADE in politics
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Why are these "Things" sniveling about the abortion rights being GIVEN BACK TO THE STATES? They are Zionist Media Brainwashed fluoridated idiotas.....
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ABSOLUTE UNBLICAL BULLSHIT this meme.....try reading the book.
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You people thinking GOD will help are HILARIOUS....LOOK AT THE WORLD. 26000 children starve to death every single day. 800,000 kids go missing each year JUST in the USA. Lying MEDIA-POLITICIANS-PRESIDENT-PSAKI lies like a rug daily and the US has gone to Hell in only 8+ months.....GOD of the BIBLE has 2,476,633 recorded kills in the Bible NOT including the FLOOD, where that jerk CLAIMED to have killed everything that draws breathe BUT 8 HUMANS, OR Sodom AND Gomorrah...Satan only killed 10 at God's request. .BTW.... I AM A BIBLE SCHOLAR. I am also an ordained minister but I quit worshipping a KILLER in 2009.....In John 8:44 Jesus was talking about YHVH....TRY READING THE WHOLE BOOK. Your God won't do shit IF you are talking about the Old Testament god......No Offense to you or Yashua (Jesus). GOOD LUCK. Your memes are 100% BULLSHIT