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Boebert is an ignorant clown. in politics
1 up, 2d
Because one really might come in handy to protect and the other definitely does not.
Republicans to Democrats in politics
2 ups, 3d
I do not think there are very many Republicans asking for unity right now.
The Cult Of Convid-1984 in politics
1 up, 3d
And now we lose Larry King to COVID. The fact that he was 87, previously had several heart attacks and a triple bypass, smoked three packs a day for years, had lung cancer and type 2 diabetes are all irrelevant. COVID is the headline and all other factors a footnote.
Dr Fauci Gets to do his job, finally in politics
0 ups, 4d
This guy has accumulated a $500 million net worth while working as a "public servant" for over 50 years. I am honestly not sure how anyone trusts him.
Gold in politics
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NOW MULTIPLY THAT BY 1,000 WHEN TRILLION GOES INTO PLAY | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Great meme to give people context Nolica