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Them beeves of yours wouldn’t fetch 2 dollars a head
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Untitled Image in fun
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? | image tagged in home alone electric | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
No way! in fun
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Just curious but why
In Soviet Russia in politics
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Definitely reminds me how great it is the USSR is no more but thats kinda it.
Ignoring evidence doesn't alter the truth or punish the guilty in politics
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Indeed. Not every court would be willing and able to silence this much [so called] They never brought any of those numbers you seem to have found to court! (You should however, since you have the evidence) (someone needs to actually bring the numbers to court if they want to win) It’s republican judges too, dismissing these cases, I am a lawyer and it doesnt look good when you show up with nothing. Actually wait, that almost never, if ever, has happened in court.
Yoda in politics
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Indeed, however free speech is one right, and youtube and imgflip are business’ that have no responsibility or requirement to have “free comments” nothing about free speech has anything to do with comments online in forums created by private business.