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Deleto blue in fun
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Yankee with only a brim
Inhaling Seagull in Dark_humour
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Cum inside it's fun inside.
Stonks Helth in Anime
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Yeah, took me a liitle while longer than it should have. I was just gonna do the hair, which took forever ( 10 mins ) to make it to my satisfaction while still looking crappy. Then I said screw it and did the gi which took fifteen minutes then said screw it again and added the kanji ( 2 mins ). Then I decided I wanted spacing which, wouldn't ya know, gets rid of your drawing so I had to do it all again, another 27 minutes. I realised I had spacing at the bottom but didn't want to risk it.

That was my Tuesday night. And arguing on reddit chats.
Change My Mind in Dragon_Ball_Pic
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Same. I kinda find it funny how people edit the song to be a duet between the two despite the relationship between Vic and Sean.
STONKS in fun
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IT'S NOT OVER 9000!!! | image tagged in its over 9000 | made w/ Imgflip meme maker