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We were in the queue for almost 30 mins and it took her 10 mins to deal with the customer who called the phone at her desk. Next time, just phone instead.
it's aggravating as a CS rep, I would rather get people out of cue than have to answer the damn phone by the third ring, we take phone info and call back, or place on hold if they are willing...
rhyme week October 19th-25th an event by me
in my memeworld , the 3rd set are "the Dank Ones"
dont worry Canada, you let pleanty of Immigrants in, so they will probably make bombs...In the US a child asks " Mom, what's a Canadian? mom replies "its an Unarmed American with health insurance"
Batman Slapping Robin
the bad is engrish
the shooter(s) were a half a block away only high powered rifles could have shot back