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SJWs think they know better than Moon...
While Moon is the leader of South Korea and has access to more information than me or you , that does not mean however it isn't possible he is misinterprting things. I do however acknowledge that my argument is weak and should this debate continue I will do my best to do more than just grasp at straws. I will acquire more information and strengthen my agrument. I agree that the past presidents deserve little to no credit although singling out Obama being especially undeserving was unrequired seeing as you slap the same grievance across the board. I also agree that they were a bit stupid in not to deal with North Korea for fear of "legitimizing" it. I want to at this point thank you for taking part in this intellectual debate and for your time. I find it not only important but fun to engage in one from time to time.
SJWs think they know better than Moon...
More specfically Post hoc ergo propter hoc or "after this, therefore because of this". Just because it happend while he was in office does not mean he is responsible. Also whats to say North Korea's leader isn't playing the long con with a delightful deception.