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Time for the belt in fun
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What does nsrs mean?
Thanks for telling me that I’m smart! in fun
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In everything except Intelligence, of course. Humans are so ridiculously loaded in that stat that it basically makes up for everything. Intelligence that high makes way for the Language ability, which allows them to spread Knowledge to other humans, including their children, so that they can now accumulate Knowledge across generations. So the humans at the beginning of the game kinda get shortchanged, but as the game progresses they get progressively more and more OP.
What the heck in fun
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Anyone hear of demons being imprisoned underneath that road?
MY PILLOW in fun
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This one just hits a little too close to home for me.
Perfect in fun
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WHEN CHRONIC DEPRESSION, SEASONAL DEPRESSION, HYPOTHYROIDISM, AND THE FLU ALL COINCIDE AT ONCE | image tagged in blank white template,multi pacha | made w/ Imgflip meme maker