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A great wish in fun
0 ups, 2m
I’m glad that you are not a typical US citizen. You are just an arrogant self-centered id*ot with no sense of empathy or sympathy or any kind of human feeling that is not connected to your pathetic self.

There’s a war going on. A war that directly affects millions of people. A war that has consequences for the entire world. I promise you, if Putin would ”nuke the shit out of Ukraine”, high gas prices would be the least of your problems. Then we would have a full scale World War 3 and USA would be involved in it as well. You might be drafted as well, if you wouldn’t be nuked to death yourself already…

This war is not Biden’s fault. It’s that infantile megalomaniac pr*ck Putin who started it. You know, he who is BFF with that other infantile megalomaniac pr*ck who used to run the US until Biden took over. And because of assholes like Putin and Trump the entire world is now a much worse place.

But your deepest concern right now is high gas prices… 🤯🤬
A great wish in fun
0 ups, 2m
And you are now officially the Assh*le Of The Year!
A great wish in fun
1 up, 2m
So if it’s not happening in the US it’s not important? That’s just sick. People are dying and you complain about gas prices?!?! Grow up, dude!
A great wish in fun
0 ups, 2m
You’re a Russian troll, right?