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This is a public service announcement.
And I apologize as well. It was totally unnecessary of me to call you all of those things. Please forgive me. I am not a muslim myself, but I have muslim co-workers and friends. They are great people and would never, ever do all of those things that are usually done by other, idiotic muslims. They all hate IS, Al Qaida and other islamic radicalism. They condemn all violence and hatred between Islam and Christianity. And I believe that most of the 1,6 billion muslims all over the world are quite like them. With that said, I agree with you that there are muslims that are total f*ckheads. I hate people that r*pe, kill, maim or hurt other people - especially if they do that in the name of Allah, God, Yahweh or whatever. Sickos like that - well, throw them in a very dark and humid place and throw away the key. But - as I said - there are good muslims as well. As well as there are good and bad Christians (bad being e g KKK, Anders Behring Breivik etc).
This is a public service announcement.
And what ”arguments” have you been using, my friend? Other than prejudiced and xenophobic remarks as well as calling me stupid and unintelligent? The ”facts” you use are easily brushed aside as total nonsense (e g calling the world’s second largest religion an ”ideology”). If you don’t want a real discussion - fine. Then please just say so. So far you have only provided snowflake material...