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[Shook] in fun
2 ups, 5d
made w/ Imgflip meme maker
This guy is freaking everywhere!!!!!
Hot cold in fun
0 ups, 7d
Everyone has taken a look bro. It is an obvious repost, using the very same template as many other reposts of this same meme.
Hot cold in fun
0 ups, 7d
You have some major reading comprehension problems, bro. I was saying that this meme is a repost. I said that you have to be blind to not think it is a repost. I never defend people who repost/steal memes. I hate reposters. Perhaps you are on of them in disguise?
wow no wonder everyone hates wendys in fun
0 ups, 2w
You haven't been around the memeosphere long, have you? This is a very very old meme. People have been reposting it for at least 5 years. Sharing new memes is cool. Reposting something that has been reported at least 50 times on this site alone is trash, it is lazy, and it is for people with no talent and/or creativity. You know, like you.
that's gonna be a lesson for you in fun
1 up, 2w
Sorry, but that is clearly not what happened here. The poster used "loose" twice. That makes it quite apparent that they don't know the different between the two aforementioned words.

If you actually believe this was a typo, I feel sorry for you.