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I don't wanna behaaave and I'm don't wanna live up to your ssstandards.
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This took WAY too long. Stay safe out there. in fun
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Blue Shell was great in Mario Kart 64, but it’s overpowered in the newer games. The ‘64 ones couldn’t fly, and would not explode. It would go straight to the target by following their path, while hitting anyone in its way. You could avoid getting hit by going on ramps or tricking it, like you do the red ones. Now, the only way to avoid getting hit is to go to second before the person uses it… and that is difficult to say the least. Especially when you have competent opponents who know to stay in second during this.

Anyway, that’s not the topic.
True story in MEMES_OVERLOAD
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Uhh… wanna know why?
Untitled Image in MEMES_OVERLOAD
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I popped it by sealing the sides with my fingers and shoving it down with my thumbs. It only worked once each row.
Classic bread humor in fun
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I like it… especially toasted.
random template i made in Unsubmitted_Images
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Yeah, random Change my Mind memes are pretty stinky.