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Cars Passing Each Other in History_Memes
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Never thought anyone could do a meme on this.
Surprised Black Guy in History_Memes
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That probably might be a myth Hitler himself made up
See ya everyone in MS_memer_group
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How would you compare Tsar Nicholas II to Vladimir Putin? I think Nicholas II is better. Back in those days, Russia had a much better economy. It was also intact after the Russo-Japanese War. Compare that to Ukraine right now. Russia's economy basically took a plunge on the first year. Additionally, Russia under Putin lost a sub in peacetime while the Tsar hasn't.
USA State slander #50 in MS_memer_group
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Can you please do a slander on Colorado with their Durango and Silverton railroad?
His real job is a circus director in Real_Politics
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You should not forget that with America under Biden, Israel was protected. Remember that failed Iranian attack where most of the thousands of missiles and drones were shot down and no Israelis died? America probably did most of the work. I don't know if this could happen, but do you think Israel could have been able to defend itself against that large of an attack without its allies?