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Do You Wanna Build A SnowPerson?
All snowflakes melt someday.
Keep me in mind. That’s my last will on imgflip. I have already reached anything here. I‘ve even been Nr 1 on weekly leaderboard
UnbreakLP, I am not joking or trying to get your hopes up. My grandfather and I recently sent an order for an underground book of non-pharmasutical cures for diseases and viruses that contained a classified working WWII cure for cancer, hidden from us by the US government for years. When we get the book, I will come back immediatly and post it here straight from the book. Please believe that I would not lie to you, my own life has been, and will be, ravaged by cancer. I want you to live. Please do it, use the cure if I post it. Until then, you will be in the thoughts and prayers of all of us.