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I’m behind on current memes so I gotta start somewhere
Wait. Weren't you like at the top of this site just a few years ago?
If my church had this as their VBS program I'd consider finding another church...
I mean, I like Harry Potter as much as the next person, but that ain't the type of stuff you should have in a church...
Drag Race
No, because women are not physically equal to men. In most sports, the men outperform the women because men are physically superior in almost every aspect. It's not sexism, it's basic biology.
New Time Cover Improvement
Go ahead and keep denying the obvious, comrade. It won't make a difference ;)
New Time Cover Improvement
Just trying to let you know that they are allowed, sir. I mean, the way you were speaking made it seem like non-humorous memes were simply not allowed. And I see you have no other argument than to call me a troll, thanks bud.