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political comedy. in fun
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drunkin' 4am meme making, at it's finest.
J-Laws an ass hat... in fun
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Misspeeled tha wurd Houston...g'damnit!
Mr T Pity The Fool in fun
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The real conspiracy in all of this. Is that people actually believe that thousands upon thousands of relatively un-connected human beings can quietly cooperate, organize, and execute a plan flawlessly while committing treason. It's sad and strange optimism that underscores just how stupid and yet arrogant we are as a species. We can't rig elections, we're too f**king stupid to do it without getting caught. Show me a theory where one lone mad genius does it and I'll find it believable.
Interesting questions for everybody... in fun
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None of them. They're all rich spoiled actors and old as shit. Ok, maybe Segal. But not because he's a bad ass. But because I can at least tell people. "Hey I got my ass kicked with Steven Segal."
Creepy Condescending Wonka in fun
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