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How To Buy Happiness:
No... that wouldn’t work unless the puppy’s name was Happiness before you bought it.
Fk Yeah
Haha! That’s really funny dude... (internally crying)
Grammer Nazis and The Front Page
Haha! Yes, the spelling nazis too.
Keep me in mind. That’s my last will on imgflip. I have already reached anything here. I‘ve even been Nr 1 on weekly leaderboard
I’m sorry dude... I obviously don’t know who you are, but I trust you are a good person. I’m sorry to see you leave the earth. But just Pray to God and all your pains will be taken, you may not be cured of cancer, but you’ll be at peace. From one 14 year old to another, Farewell.
Good ol' dial-up!
I keep asking all my friends if they know what the dial up is, they all say no. Well except for one. But then all the ones that said no, I ask their parents, “You didn’t teach your child about the dial-up?” One parent said “what’s that?”