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"Our greatest fear should not be fear of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter."
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Mocking Spongebob in fun
0 ups, 3y
Haha. Heya, Dekulife7, it's been a long while. I suppose you came back after a while. I don't remember when I stopped visiting this site. I recently got an email about a comment and now I'm here I suppose. Not sure if you remember me, my fellow Zelda fan, but I hope you're doing alright. You and this site gave me a lot of laughs back in my early, cringy days of memeing, so it would be great to hear from you again. Just keep on trucking!
Its true in fun
0 ups, 3y
Man, this meme and this comment has aged surprisingly well.
Things People Do in Skate 3 in fun
0 ups, 3y
OP here. Man, I got an email about this comment and honestly I almost forgot that this site existed. It's been little over 3 years since I posted this and I've grown a whole lot. This might be a little cringy to say, but really, thank you for the little nostalgia bomb you've given me. It astounds me how much can change over so few years in the grand scheme of things. I may have moved onto better memes, but now I don't think I'll ever forget my humble beginnings on the cringy little site that made me laugh every day in middle-school. Thank you, Nextlevelgamer34.
How I Feel About Getting This Game in fun
1 up, 6y
I suppose that's true :T
Its true in fun
1 up, 6y
Thank you